Squish 7.0.1 Known Issues

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Known Issues - Squish 7.0.1 Release

Release Date: June 14th, 2022

Recommended Update: n/a

All Editions

Scripting: exceptions thrown during snooze() (SQUISH-15299)

In Squish 7.0.0, snooze() function was extended to possibly take into account errors that occurred during snooze time in AUT or even in Squish itself. As these errors may have remained largely undiscovered previously, it can happen that test scripts that used to pass with previous Squish versions suddenly start to fail on exceptions during snooze() call. If you are affected by this issue and the exceptions in the test scripts cannot be explained by errors in previous function calls, please get in touch with Squish technical support to get help with diagnostics and debugging.

Workaround: Override snooze() function in such a way that the function itself is wrapped in a code block where any exceptions are properly caught and/or logged

def snooze_impl(timeout):
        test.warning("snooze() failed, using time.sleep() instead")

snooze_orig = snooze
snooze = snooze_impl

Recommended Update: 7.0 snapshot after 2022-06-22.

Squish for Mac, Squish for iOS

'How to Install Squish' chapter is missing from offline documentation

Offline HTML documentation shipped with Squish for macOS and Squish for iOS does not contain How to Install Squish chapter. Links pointing to this chapter from various other places in offline documentation are invalid as well.

Workaround: Use PDF documentation or read documentation online.