Squish 7.2.0 Known Issues

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Known Issues - Squish 7.2.0 Release

Release Date: Sep 12th, 2023

Recommended Update: n/a

Squish for Qt for WebAssembly

Obscuring text on WebAssembly AUT with Qt 6.5.x

"Enable Screen Reader" text obscures the highlighted object in the picking mode on WebAssembly application(s) that are built with Qt version 6.5.0, 6.5.1 and 6.5.2.

The issue is resolved starting with Qt 6.5.3 ( QTBUG-111896 ).

Workaround: Disable the highlighter in SQUISHDIR/etc/qtwrapper.ini by setting DisplayHighlighter = 0.


Incorrect documentation of test.vpWithImage

The offline documentation in Squish packages as well as the feature overview in the Squish IDE Welcome Page incorrectly explain that the second argument for the test.vpWithImage function replaces the expected image. The second argument however overrides taking a screenshot of the object and thus provides the actual image for the comparison.

Workaround: Use the online documentation to inform yourself about test.vpWithImage