Checking existence of remote files and folders (Qt)

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To check for the existence of files and folders on the computer where the AUT is running one can use the Qt API:

import __builtin__

def main():

    test.log("Exists: " + str(path_exists("C:\\")))
    test.log("Exists: " + str(path_exists("C:\\non_existing")))

    p = os.environ["SQUISH_PREFIX"] + "/ChangeLog.txt"
    test.log("Exists: " + str(path_exists(p)))
    test.log("Is file: " + str(is_file(p)))
    test.log("Is dir: " + str(is_dir(p)))

def path_exists(path):
    return __builtin__.bool(QFile(path).exists())

def is_file(path):
    return not is_dir(path)

def is_dir(path):
    return __builtin__.bool(QFile(path + "/").exists())