Combining Squish binary and source packages

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If a binary incompatible or customized/patched Qt build is used by a Qt application the Squish binary packages provided by froglogic will not work.

The solution to this is to build Squish from sources, which is explained in the manual at Installing from Source Packages . This involves a considerable number of steps and effort.

Shortcut to building a complete Squish source package

A shortcut can be to only build the parts of Squish which will eventually use the Qt libraries of your application and to copy them to a regular Squish binary package provided by froglogic.

For this approach the following must be done:

Step 1 - Build the relevant parts of Squish. For this, use the following or similar configure parameters:

configure --enable-pure-qt4 --with-qtdir=C:\Qt\4.7.1 --disable-all --enable-idl --enable-wrappers --enable-examples
configure example to build wrappers only

Also see Installing from Source Packages and Installation for Testing Pure Qt 4 Applications .

Step 2 - Copy the following files and folders from your Squish build and copy them to the respective folders of the Squish binary package:

Files and folders to be copied from Squish source build to a Squish binary package

Further notes: