Using Squish Qt example applications (Qt, Linux)

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The Squish for Qt binary packages for Linux ship with several example applications. However, to keep the download size of the package small, the Qt libraries are not provided.

The following instructions can be used to use the example applications anyway.

These steps demonstrate how to get the addressbook example (<SQUISH_DIR>/examples/qt4/addressbook) up and running:

Step 1 - Download the Qt libraries that match your Squish package (if the right one is not listed, please contact Squish support):

Step 2 - Unpack the downloaded Qt library archive into the folder of the addressbook example application.

Step 3 - Download and unpack it into the folder of the example application.

Step 4 - Register addressbook and as Mapped AUTs (in Squish IDE at Edit > Server Settings > Manage AUTs...).

Step 5 - Enable sub-process hooking in the test suite settings.

Step 6 - Select as AUT in the test suite settings.