"DLLPreload ... ReadProcessMemory Invalid access to memory location."

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You are getting error messages like these:

S: DLLPreload (41120001): ReadProcessMemory: Invalid access to memory location.

S: DLLPreload (30040002): ReadProcessMemory: Unzulässiger Zugriff auf einen Speicherbereich.

Possible causes

64-bit Squish package with 32-bit application (or vice versa)

This can be caused by using a Squish for Qt package with a different word size than your application and its Qt libraries. For example, using a 32-bit Squish for Qt with a 64-bit Qt application (or vice versa).

Make sure that the Squish package and your application both have the same word size: either 32-bit or 64-bit.

Also see Requirements of Squish for Qt .

General solution

If the word size of the Squish package and the application match and you are still experiencing problems you will probably have to use the built-in hook in your application. This is explained in the manual's Using the Built-in Hook section.

Requirements of Squish for Qt .