"DLLPreload ... The requested operation requires elevation."

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You are getting error messages like these in Runner/Server Log:

S: DLLPreload (...): C:\Program Files\MyProgram\MyProgram.exe: The requested operation requires elevation.

S: DLLPreload (...): C:\Program Files\MyProgram\MyProgram.exe: Der angeforderte Vorgang erfordert erhöhte Rechte.

Possible causes

UAC enabled and application requires elevation

In Windows Vista (and higher) Microsoft introduced User Account Control, UAC in short. If enabled UAC defaults to starting most applications with "low" system access rights, for security reasons.

However, .exe files can be marked as requiring "high" access rights, or to require the highest access rights that the current user has, for execution. In such a case, and when UAC is enabled, Windows shows a security dialog similar to this one (German variant):