"Failed to load ...dll Cannot load library ...dll"

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You are getting error messages like these when trying to load your custom Qt wrapper library in the Squish Wrapper Explorer (wrapperexplorer.exe):

Failed to load C:/Users/myuser/squish-4.1.0-qt-src/example/qt4/canvas/canvasWrapper.dll Cannot load library C:/Users/myuser/squish-4.1.0-qt-src/example/qt4/canvas/canvasWrapper.dll: The specified module could not be found.

Failed to load C:/Users/myuser/squish-4.1.0-qt-src/examples/qt4/canvas/canvasWrapper.dll Cannot load library C:/Users/myuser/squish-4.1.0-qt-src/examples/qt4/canvas/canvasWrapper.dll: Das angegebene Modul wurde nicht gefunden.

Possible cause

Custom Qt wrapper libraries are linked against the .exe files that they are made for as well. This means that the .exe file must be in the same folder as the custom wrapper library, in the current directory, or in a directory listed in the PATH environment variable.

For example in case of the above canvasWrapper.dll the associated .exe file is C:\Users\myuser\squish-4.1.0-qt-src\example\qt4\canvas\canvasWrapper.dll.

So to load canvasWrapper.dll with the Squish Wrapper Explorer you can do the following in cmd.exe:

Setting current working directory:

cd C:\Users\myuser\squish-4.1.0-qt-src\example\qt4\canvas


Adjusting PATH:

set PATH=C:\Users\myuser\squish-4.1.0-qt-src\example\qt4\canvas;%PATH%