"Loading Qt Wrapper failed ... Library not loaded ... Qt3Support"

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You are getting the following error message in Runner/Server Log:

S: Preload (80021): Referenced from: /Users/myuser/squish-4.1.1-qt47x-maci386-gcc4.0/lib/libsquishqtwrapper.dylib

S: Preload (80021): Loading Qt Wrapper failed: dlopen(/Users/myuser/squish-4.1.1-qt47x-maci386-gcc4.0/lib/libsquishqtwrapper.dylib, 1): Library not loaded: /usr/local/Qt-4.7.0-gcc40-framework/lib/Qt3Support.framework/Versions/4/Qt3Support

S: Preload (80021): Reason: image not found

This indicates that you are using a Squish for Qt binary package. These binary packages are by default built with the Qt3Support module. The Qt build of your application or the application itself may be built without that module, but the lack of the respective shared library or framework causes this problem anyway because Squish still expects it.

Solution #1: Provide Qt3Support shared library/framework

If your Qt build contains the Qt3Support shared library/framework you can try to put this into the same folder as the other Qt components that your application uses or into the folder <SQUISH_DIR>/lib.

Solution #2: Use Pure Qt 4 package

You can request a Pure Qt 4 package (a binary package built without the dependency on the Qt3Support Qt module) from Squish support.

Requirements of Squish for Qt