"Loading Qt Wrapper failed...libsquishqtwrapper.so undefined symbol _ZN17QAccessiblePlugin16staticMetaObjectE"

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You are getting error messages like these in the Runner/Server Log:

Preload (62820003): Loading Qt Wrapper failed: /remote/proj_emb015b/squish-4.2.2-qt47x-linux64/lib/libsquishqtwrapper.so: undefined symbol: _ZN17QAccessiblePlugin16staticMetaObjectE

Possible causes

Qt without Accessibility module

The standard Squish binary packages are built with - and thus depend on - the Qt Accessibility module.

Solution #1 - Qt with Accessibility module

Use Qt libraries compiled with the Accessibility module.

Alternatively you can contact sales@froglogic.com to discuss a custom Squish build offering.

Solution #2 - Squish source build

All owners of Squish licenses have access to the Squish source code to build Squish with their custom Qt configuration.