Debug Qt on Android Connection Failures

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'Connection to AUT refused' is the most common symptom when having trouble with getting Squish to connect to a Qt AUT on an Android device. The sections in this article illustrate what needs to be verified in order to isolate the reason for the failing tests.

Project Configuration

There are some points in the configuration of the App project, that can explain why Squish can not connect to the App during a test run.

Project Build

After building the project the following things can be checked.


The following command should list several Squish files again, just like the ones from the previously mentioned "assets" and "libs" directories:

unzip -l android-build-debug.apk | grep squish


On Windows you should be able to use the default zip tool. There is also the open source tool 7zip, that can be used.

Run Application

When the socket connection can not be established it can also be helpful to inspect what the application does during and after being launched.

To see what the application is doing during startup start execute the following command on a terminal before starting the Application:


adb logcat > $HOME/logcat_output.log


adb logcat > %USERPROFILE%/logcat_output.log

When you have started the Application, you can end the adb process on the shell.

Alternatively start the application from Qt Creator itself which will show log output in the "Application Output" tab.