Python test scripts failing to connect to secure servers

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Python test scripts failing to connect to secure servers when using Squish 6 on Windows

The binary packages for Squish 6 on Windows does not include support for making secure connections (for example connecting to a web service via https) inside python test scripts.

In Squish 5.1 and older versions such support was accidentally available when a package with Python 2.5, 2.6 or 2.7 was being used. The removal of this support in the Windows packages of all Squish editions was necessary due to legal problems with the corresponding third-party code for creating such secure connections.

The Squish 6 packages for Windows ship with a Python installation that is compatible to the 2.7.10 distribution provided on . So it is possible to exchange the Python used by Squish according to the KB article or alternatively copy over the necessary Python modules from the standard Python 2.7.10 distribution into the Python installation inside the Squish 6 package.

The latter can be done by copying the two files _ssl.pyd and _hashlib.pyd from the Dlls subfolder of the Python 2.7.10 distribution and placing these two files into the python/Dlls subfolder of the Squish package.