Changing the web browser used for automation

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Squish for Web supports test automation scripts that run your test suite several times, each time using a different browser.

Configuring the web browser in the Squish IDE

In the Squish IDE go to Edit > Server Settings... :

Then select the Browser entry to open the Browser configuration page:

In this page you can select your browser from the dropdown. Some browsers require an additional plugin to be installed in Order for Squish automate Web Content in them. The installation of this plugin can be triggered from the same page.

Configuring the web browser via squishrunner

You can configure the browser that is being used by a test execution from the command line

using the squishrunner executable. To do this make sure that the squishserver is already running, then execute the following command:

squishrunner --config setDefaultWebBrowser <browserid>

Where <browserid> must be one of the following:

Also see Configuring squishrunner in the manual.