Web Testing with Mobile Devices

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Setup Steps

Step 1.1 - Ensure that the device is on the same TCP/IP subnet as the computer running Squish.

Step 1.2 - Configure Squish to access the Squish web proxy server (abbreviated term: proxy) at a specific host name and port number for communication with other Squish components:

./bin/squishserver --config setProxyConnectAddress localhost:8001

Step 1.3 - Configure Squish to not start the proxy on its own:

./bin/squishserver --config setStartProxyServer false

Step 1.4 - Configure Squish to not start a web browser when testing with the proxy:

./bin/squishserver --config setStartBrowserForProxy false

Step 1.5 - Start the proxy:

./bin/webproxy/proxy -H pc_squish -p 8044 localhost 8001

Step 1.6 - Configure Squish IDE for testing on mobile devices by choosing...

Edit > Preferences > Server Settings > Browser... > Browser on Mobile Device

Step 2.1 - Start the device.

Step 2.2 - Configure the web browser on the device to use the computer's host name and the proxy's port number 8044 (specified in Step 1.5).

Step 2.3 - Start the web browser on the device and open this special URL:


At this point recording test cases with the Squish IDE should work.