Using the HTML "class" attribute (or "domClassName", or "className")

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For the “green border box” element at css_classes.html the HTML attribute “class” shows up as “domClassName” in the Squish IDE Properties view similar as shown here:

And in Squish object real names the HTML “class” attribute must be referred to as “className”:

{tagName='DIV' className='green'}

Class names are whitespace separated. An object real name may only specify one class name in the “className” property. For example:


{tagName='DIV' className='green'}
{tagName='DIV' className='border'}
{tagName='DIV' className='box'}


{tagName='DIV' className='green border'}
{tagName='DIV' className='green box'}
{tagName='DIV' className='border box'}

In a nutshell

In HTML sourceIn IDE view “Properties”In object name(s)
<div class="green">"domClassName”, value “green”{tagName='DIV’ className='green’}

Special case - multiple classes:

In HTML sourceIn IDE view “Properties”In object name(s)
<div class="green border box">"domClassName”, value “green border box”{tagName='DIV’ className='green’}
{tagName='DIV’ className='border’}
{tagName='DIV’ className='box’}