"Registering the browser component which is required for testing web applications failed."

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This error message can occur during setup for the Squish for Web edition if you choose Mozilla to be your preferred browser.

Browser Registration Failed

Registering the browser component which is required for testing web applications failed.


If you have never used Firefox in the user account you are installing Squish into, this problem is easily solved. First, quit the Squish setup, then start Firefox (or other Mozilla-based browser) and once it appears, quit it. This will result in the browser creating a profile directory that Squish needs during setup. Now rerun the Squish setup program: the error should no longer appear.

If the error persists, make sure that the user account you are using has write permission to the Windows folder %APPDATA%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\<some random text>, or on Unix-like systems to the directory $HOME/.mozilla/firefox/profiles/. Once you have set write permission, try running Squish setup again.

If none of the above works then you will need help from froglogic support. To help us help you, we will need to see the output of the Squish compreg program. To produce this output start up a console (MS-DOS Prompt on Windows, xterm or similar on Unix, Terminal.app on Mac OS X) and then do the following:

  1. Change directory to the Squish bin folder

  2. Run the compreg program and capture its output

  3. Send the output to froglogic support

The compreg program must be run with three command line arguments, -v, -c, and -a. The -c argument must be followed by a code that identifies the Firefox version you are using:

compreg -v -c code -a > output.txt

Assuming that you are in the Squish bin directory, this will redirect the output into a file called output.txt that you can attach to the email you send us.

Choose the code from the following table:

Firefox versionCode