Checking mouse cursor shape or state (WPF)

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In WPF applications, the cursor is set for each FrameworkElement via the System.Windows.FrameworkElement.Cursor property, which either yields null if no custom cursor was set or an instance of System.Windows.Input.Cursor .

Unfortunately, System.Windows.Input.Cursor has no "getter" to get the shape of the cursor - which makes sense, given that you can have cursors with arbitrary bitmaps. However, a workaround is to use the ToString() method (note the capital T): In case the cursor is one of the standard-ones defined in the Cursors class (see System.Windows.Input.Cursors ) the ToString() representation will yield one of the values in the "Name" column of the table in the link above, e.g. "Cross" or "Pen".

So, to test the cursor for a standard shape something like this can be used:

function main()
    // ...
    var obj = waitForObject("...");
    var cursor = obj.nativeObject.Cursor;
    if (isNull(cursor)) {"Cursor on WPF object is not a Cross cursor");
    } else {, "Cross");