Squish Test Center Offline Self-Activation

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A Squish Test Center needs to be activated.

This can be done via the activation code that we provided to the "license manager" (of this license) at your company that was specified when ordering the license.

The activation must be performed by the license manager (or deputy license manager) of the desired Squish Test Center license.

This is done via the Customer Portal .

(Only the license manager (or deputy license managers) can perform this, because the license is only visible to them.)

Getting the Machine ID

The Squish Test Center machine ID is required for activation in conjunction with a Squish Test Center license. The machine ID is shown at the start page of Squish Test Center, which is visible after setting up Test Center , at Offline activation .

Self-Activating Test Center

The "license manager" can self-activate the Test Center instance after login at https://account.qt.io/ :

Click on "My Licenses"...

...select one of the "Test Center User Subscription" licenses.

Click on "License Details":

Enter "Machine Id":

Copy & paste the license key into Squish Test Center's Offline activation area:

...and click on "Activate".